Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation (MPIC)


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663 North State Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39202
Phone (601) 969-5750
Fax (601) 969-5757

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To provide realistic work experiences to sentenced, adult offenders residing within Mississippi State Correctional Institutions by providing employment skills to support economic self-sufficiency upon release, reduce recidivism and reduce the overall costs of government operations.


Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation (MPIC) is an integral part of the Correctional System in the State of Mississippi creating meaningful work opportunities for inmates. The importance of inmate work has been recognized and supported throughout the history of prisons.

MPIC is a non-profit, self-funded corporation, formed by the State of Mississippi in 1990, with operations representing a rich and diverse combination of inmate work programs that offer inmates the opportunity to obtain skills and work experiences to support economic self-sufficiency upon release and reduce recidivism.